🚀 Hello, Friends! Welcome to our spaceship of innovation and creativity — the world of electronic business cards, where every pixel is filled with meaning, and every click brings us closer to a future without paper waste. We're here to change the perception of networking and business meetings. Meet our team — the astronauts of the digital world, making it possible!

👾 Captain Obvious — our chief of ideas. He sees the world not as a collection of problems but as an endless field of opportunities. He aims for innovations faster than light and believes that every detail matters. His creed: "If you're not on the internet, you don't exist. And if you don't have an electronic business card, you're just from the past."

💃 Miss Connectivity — our communication genius. She knows how to connect two points in space so that not only an internet signal flows between them but also sparks of creativity. With her, you'll learn how to properly present yourself in the digital world and leave behind not just a trace, but a bright one.

🔧 Techno-Wizard — the jack-of-all-trades and codes. His arsenal includes not only programming languages but also a magic wand that turns the boldest ideas into reality. Without him, our electronic business cards would be just pictures. Thanks to his talent, they are portals into the worlds of our users.

🎨 Creative Genius — the artist who makes our product not just useful, but beautiful. He knows what style is and how to use it so that the business card says more about you than words. His work is not just design, it's the art of visual communication.

🚀 Marketer from God — knows how to make the whole world learn about us. He doesn't just spread information; he makes our idea viral, contagious, and incredibly attractive. With him, every piece of news about us is a reason for discussion in all corners of the internet.

We are not just a team. We are a family, united by a common goal to make the world more convenient, eco-friendly, and technological. We believe in the power of connection and the importance of the first impression. That's why we create electronic business cards that help you stand out and be remembered.

🌟 Join our movement, where every click brings us closer to the future where paper business cards become part of history. Together we can make this world better, and business communication — more convenient and productive. Let's create the future together!